Virtual & Augmented Reality in Pre-school Education

Early education is all about learning through experience. Find out how your youngest students can benefit from immersive 360 environments, used to enhance and complement the real-world exploration and play that builds a solid foundation in the pre-school years.


Every aspect of early literacy is underpinned by high-quality experiences that stimulate speaking and listening, from conveying simple needs to creative storytelling. The best way to build vocabulary and awareness of sentence structure is through real-world experiences. Early years educators around the world offer enriching, stimulating provision to their students every day – and virtual reality gives them an additional immersive tool.


Taking pre-school children to visit a park, zoo or attraction is, of course, the perfect way to teach them about the world. But how can you extend that learning after the field trip is over and the memories begin to fade? ClassVR allows children to step back inside that experience and re-live the excitement. It also offers great potential to extend their understanding. Remember that monkey we saw in the zoo? Let’s see how it would look and behave in its natural habitat.


It’s difficult to understand or talk about something if you’ve never seen it with your own eyes. Some of your students may never have seen the ocean or been to the city – with ClassVR, you can let them experience it for themselves, and level that playing field. VR and AR also allow you to foster their imagination and follow their interests – what a privilege to be able to show a 3D triceratops to the girl who just loves dinosaurs, or to take the space-obsessed boy to Mars!


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